This site is all about the parish of Crich, which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.


Plaques and Memorials inside St. Mary's Church

Plaque 10

Joan Bradshaw

Sheldon Pringle

John Kirkland

Edward Lowe

Wooden plaque inside the bell tower.

memorial plaque 10

An Account of the several Benefactors

to the Church and Poor of the Parish

of Crich

JOAN BRADSHAW, of Wheatcroft, in ye

year 1639 left the Sum of Seven Shillings

and Sixpence to be paid yearly by John Wetten's

Successors for ever.

SHELDON PINGLE, left to the use of the

Church and Poor, Five Shillings Yearly

JOHN KIRKLAND, of Wheatcroft, in the

year 1652 left Forty Shillings yearly to the

Poor for ever.

EDWARD LOWE, of Plaistow in the year

1694 gave Five Shillings to the Minister and

Five Shillings to the Poor, yearly for ever

Geo. Reynolds Scripsit 1774


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