which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1813 to 1825


These records covering the years 1813 to 1825 were originally transcribed by Alan Flint who has given permission for their use. They have been reformatted with a few 'tweaks'.

An inexpensive CD of Crich Parish Church transcripts is available from Val Neal – it covers baptisms, marriages and burials between 1565 and 1900.
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The usual warning! The following are transcipts and should be checked against the original parish records viewable at the Derbyshire Records Office, New Street, Matlock. Please advise us of any errors that have been made in transcription.

Under 'abode' entries such as Ashover and Duffield were most likely the Parish rather than the town. Both parishes were adjoining Crich.

C= christening; M= marriage; B= burial

Event Event date Surname Forename(s) Male relative's surname Male relative's forename Female Relative's Surname Female relative's forename Abode Comments
B 12 May 1813 Ogden Mary   P- Joseph   P- Ann Tansley age 3 father a labourer
B 30 Apr 1819 Ogden Henry         Tansley age 5
B 18 Jul 1824 Ogden Joseph         Tansley infant
B 2 Oct 1825 Ogden Ann         Tansley infant
M 20 Mar 1817 Ogden Elizabeth Pearson James     Crich Spinster
C 24 Jul 1814 Ollerenshaw William Ollerenshaw George   Ann Holloway Slater
C 20 Oct 1816 Ollerenshaw Mary Ollerenshaw George   Anne Holloway Slater
C 10 Apr 1819 Ollerenshaw Ann Ollerenshaw George   Ann Holloway Slater. Twin
C 10 Apr 1819 Ollerenshaw Truth Ollerenshaw George   Ann Holloway Slater. Twin
C 22 Apr 1821 Ollerenshaw Isaac Ollerenshaw George   Ann Holloway Slater
C 13 Oct 1823 Ollerenshaw Ann Ollerenshaw Robert   Hannah Crich Smelter
C 19 Dec 1824 Ollerenshaw William Ollerenshaw Robert   Hannah Crich Smelter
B 31 Oct 1817 Ollerenshaw Isaac         Holloway age 70
B 30 May 1823 Ollerenshaw Ann   W- George     Holloway age 45
B 19 Apr 1825 Ollerenshaw Hannah   P- George   P- Ann Ashover age 19
M 8 Sep 1822 Ollerenshaw Lucinda Close Philip     Holloway Spinster
M 3 Jul 1823 Ollerenshaw Robert     Cheetham Hannah Holloway Labourer
B 11 Feb 1816 Orgill Elizabeth   W- Thomas     Duffield age 50
B 9 Nov 1819 Paley Mary         Horsley age 60
B 25 Jul 1821 Paley John   P- John     Kilburn age 67 farmer
C 16 Mar 1817 Parkin Marianne Parkin Peter   Hannah Crich Farmer & miner
C 20 Feb 1820 Paul Elizabeth Paul William   Ann Crich Framework knitter
B 13 Jul 1819 Pawlett Mary           age 11
C 13 Dec 1818 Pawlit Richard Pawlit Robert   Mary Crich Shopkeeper
C 7 Feb 1813 Peach Mary Peach John   Elizabeth Upper Holloway Labourer
C 4 Nov 1813 Peach George Knowles     Peach Amy Wessington Spinster
C 6 Apr 1814 Peach John Peach John   Ann Wessington Cotton dresser
C 12 Feb 1815 Peach Joseph Peach James   Elizabeth Plaistow Labourer
C 12 Nov 1815 Peach George Peach John   Elizabeth Holloway Labourer
C 9 Nov 1817 Peach Hannah Peach William   Elizabeth Amber Mill Labourer
C 11 Oct 1818 Peach Thomas Peach John   Elizabeth Holloway Stone mason
C 11 Jun 1820 Peach Sarah Peach James   Elizabeth Wessington Labourer
C 26 Dec 1821 Peach Susannah     Peach Ann Wessington Spinster
C 3 Apr 1823 Peach James Peach John   Elizabeth Holloway Labourer
C 1 Jun 1823 Peach Mary Ann Peach William   Martha Holloway Mason
C 8 May 1825 Peach Elizabeth Peach William   Martha Holloway Stone cutter
B 7 Feb 1813 Peach Joseph   P- James   P- Elizabeth Plaistow infant son
B 4 Nov 1813 Peach John         Wessington age 23 cotton dresser
B 18 Jul 1818 Peach Sarah         Holloway age 15
B 14 Feb 1822 Peach Ann         Holloway age 18 spinster
B 24 Mar 1822 Peach Elizabeth         Wessington age 40
M 1 Jan 1816 Peach Hannah Greenwood George     Wessington Spinster
M 12 Nov 1818 Peach Mary Storer Jeremiah     Holloway Spinster
M 28 Dec 1818 Peach Emmey Booth Wiliam     Crich Spinster
M 7 Feb 1820 Peach John     Spencer Phoebe Alfreton Stone mason
M 21 Feb 1821 Peach William     Willgoose Martha Holloway Stonecutter
C 11 Apr 1813 Pearce William Hodson Pearce William   Amelia Wessington Miller
C 30 Jul 1815 Pearce Ann Pearce Sampson   Hannah Wessington Labourer
C 28 Dec 1817 Pearce Caroline Pearce William   Anne Wessington Farmer
C 14 May 1823 Pearce Louisa     Pearce Elizabeth Wessington Spinster
C 22 Oct 1815 Pearson Hannah Pearson Peter   Hannah Crich Miner
C 12 Nov 1820 Pearson Betsy Pearson Peter   Hannah Crich Labourer
C 8 Jun 1823 Pearson Eliza Pearson Peter   Hannah Crich Lime burner
M 14 Jun 1815 Pearson Peter     Hall Hannah Crich Lead Miner
M 20 Mar 1817 Pearson James     Ogden Elizabeth Crich Weaver
C 6 Jun 1813 Peat Elizabeth Peat William   Jane Fritchley Cotton weaver
C 26 Nov 1815 Peat Hannah Peat William   Jane Fritchley Weaver
C 25 Aug 1816 Peat Martha Peat Phinehas   Hannah Whatstandwell Bridge  
C 5 Oct 1817 Peat Hannah Peat William   Jane Plaistow Weaver
C 6 Aug 1820 Peat James Peat William   Jane Crich Weaver
C 17 Dec 1820 Peat William Peat William   Mary Whatstandwell Bridge Stone cutter
B 7 Jan 1817 Peat Hannah         Plaistow age 1
B 19 Oct 1818 Peat William         Holloway age 7
B 13 Apr 1819 Peat Cassandra         Holloway age 31
B 28 Nov 1819 Peat George         Workhouse age 39
B 3 Sep 1825 Peat Frances           age 62
C 14 May 1820 Pegg John Pegg John   Elizabeth Crich Labourer
C 28 Dec 1817 Pegge James Pegge John   Elizabeth Crich Labourer
M 23 Sep 1821 Peggs Samuel     Longden Elizabeth Matlock Bleacher
B 6 Dec 1820 Perkin Benjamin         Workhouse age 80
C 30 Oct 1824 Petts Hannah Petts Daniel   Mary Crich Labourer
M 1 Dec 1822 Petts Daniel     Storer Mary Chadwick's Nick; Crich Stone mason
B 17 Dec 1824 Phillips Charles         Carr age 49
B 7 Jan 1818 Piggin John       H- Phoebe   age 57
C 23 Aug 1818 Platt Mary Ann Platt Samuel   Mary Crich Weaver
C 30 Mar 1823 Platt Elizabeth Platt Samuel   Mary Crich Weaver
C 11 Sep 1825 Platt William Platt Samuel   Hannah Crich Weaver
C 26 Dec 1813 Platts Ann Platts Joseph   Mary Bullbridge Toll Gate Framework knitter. (Age 3 years)
C 26 Dec 1813 Platts Martha Platts Joseph   Mary Bullbridge Toll Gate Framework knitter
C 7 May 1815 Platts Joseph Platts Joseph   Mary Bullbridge Stockinger
C 24 Jun 1821 Platts Samuel Platts Samuel   Mary Crich Weaver
C 20 Nov 1825 Platts William Shepherd Platts Josiah   Martha Crich Schoolmaster
B 8 Aug 1823 Platts Elizabeth           infant
M 29 Nov 1815 Platts Matthew     Hill Anne South Wingfield Farmer
C 27 Feb 1814 Potter Mary Potter Joseph   Hannah Crich Labourer
C 19 May 1816 Potter Samuel Potter Joseph   Hannah Crich  
B 18 Sep 1814 Potter Charles         Workhouse age 75
B 1 Jul 1819 Potter Samuel           age 3
M 23 Jan 1823 Potter John     Bridges Catharine Tansley Stone mason
M 25 Aug 1824 Potter William     Bobanks Martha Tansley Wood turner
C 29 May 1814 Poundall Job Poundall Job   Grace Crich Calico weaver
C 18 Aug 1816 Poundall Samuel Poundall Job   Grace Crich Calico weaver
C 23 Apr 1815 Poyser Ann Poyser William   Hannah Hollow Booth Carpenter
C 12 Nov 1815 Poyser Phoebe Poyser Ralph   Phoebe Bullbridge Innkeeper
C 16 Feb 1817 Poyser Thomas Poyser Ralph   Phoebe Crich Innkeeper
C 22 Jun 1817 Poyser Mary Poyser William   Hannah Hollow Booth Turner
C 4 Apr 1824 Poyser Ann Poyser Thomas   Mary Fritchley Framework knitter
M 14 Dec 1823 Poyser Thomas     Bowmer Mary Fritchley Framework knitter
C 31 Jul 1814 Poyzer Israel Poyzer Ralph   Phoebe Bullbridge Innkeeper
C 28 Aug 1814 Poyzer James Poyzer Thomas   Mary Fritchley Labourer
C 16 Aug 1818 Poyzer John Poyzer Ralph   Phebe Bullbridge Farmer
C 13 Jun 1819 Poyzer Charlotte Poyzer William   Hannah Hollow Booth Labourer
C 30 Apr 1820 Poyzer Henry Poyzer Ralph   Phoebe Bullbridge Innkeeper
C 2 Sep 1821 Poyzer Rebecca Poyzer William   Hannah Carr Labourer
C 7 Jul 1822 Poyzer George Poyzer Ralph   Phoebe Bullbridge Farmer
M 12 Oct 1824 Poyzer Hannah Bowmer Joseph     Fritchley Spinster
B 10 Nov 1825 Preston Hannah         Workhouse age 70
C 13 Aug 1820 Prince Mary Prince John   Elizabeth Crich Carr Boatman
C 7 Apr 1822 Prince Robert Prince John   Elizabeth Crich Carr Boatman
C 28 Mar 1824 Prince Samuel Kenyon Prince John   Elizabeth Whatstandwell Bridge Boatman
B 20 May 1817 Prince Robert   P- John     Carr age 14
M 3 May 1820 Prince John     Kenyon Elizabeth Crich Carr Labourer
C 20 Jan 1822 Proctor Henery Mackew Proctor Charles   Ann Crich Shoemaker. Age 4 years
M 18 Feb 1823 Proctor Ann Durham John     Crich Widow


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