George FOULDS 1866 – 1907


Farrier Quarter Master Sergeant 2279

5th Dragoon Guards

Belper News 23 March 1900
Quartermaster Sergeant George FOULDS, 5th Dragoon Guards

George was born in Q2 of 1866 in the Belper Registration District

1871 Census: Moorwood Moor
Daniel Folds; head; 32; Cotton Framework Knitter; born at Brackenfield
Hannah Folds; wife; 32; born at Crich
Emily Folds; daughter; 10; born at Crich
Rosalina Folds; daughter; 9; born at South Wingfield
Harriett Folds; daughter; 7; born at South Wingfield
George Folds; son; 4; born at South Wingfield
Millicent Folds; daughter; 3 ; born at South Wingfield
Rodger Folds; son; 1 ; born at South Wingfield
[RG10 3589 37 26]

1881 Census: Crich
George Foulds; lodger; 15; Framework Knitter; born South Wingfield
[RG11 3415 45 6]

George FOULDS married (widow) Annie Emma NEWMAN (née BUNTING) on 13 July 1899 at Chorlton-Upon-Medlock, Lancashire.

George Foulds marriage 1899

Died 14 March 1907, interred Southern Cemetery, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Metropolitan Borough of Manchester

Army Record
George enlisted on 15 September 1882, aged 16 years.
He served in Egypt (1891–1894); India (1894–1899); South Africa (1899–1902); India, where son Jack was born,(1902–1904).
Discharged from the army in 1904.

Army Record of George Foulds


Army Record of George Foulds


Army Record of George Foulds


Army Record of George Foulds


Army Record of George Foulds

Army Record of George Foulds

Medal awards
FOULDS G. 5th Dragoon Guards; Queen's South Africa Medal and 3 clasps; Cape Colony, Transvaal; Natal

George Foulds medal awards

FOULDS G. 2279; F.Q.M.S. King's South African Medal and 2 clasps; 1901 and 1902

Historical Note
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Baden-Powell commanded the 5th Dragoon Guards in India from 25 April 1897 to 8 July 1899 when George was serving there. He wrote:
" ... I was told that my services with the 5th were urgently required, and I must go at once, but so soon as I had got matters straight there I could ask for as much leave as I wanted.
     So off I went.
     I soon found after arrival at Meerut that with the excellent lot of officers and non-commissioned officers I should have no difficulty in having the Regiment in tip-top order, so soon as I got to know them and they me.
     There is no job on earth, that I know of, as delightful as that of Colonel of a Regiment, especially if, as it was with me under Sir Bindon Blood, your General is sympathetic to your fads.
     I found in both officers and men a most responsive team of keen soldiers and between us we took up several new lines of training for the development of efficiency. These were both interesting experiments and productive of useful results.

Two sons, George and Jack, baptised at Monyash 15 September 1907

Baptisms of George Foulds sons

Jack had been born at Lucknow, India, in about 1904 and George in about 1908 at Monyash

1911 Census; Manchester, 11 July Street
Annie Foulds, head; 41, widow; Washing and Cleaning; born Sheen, Staffordshire
Jack Foulds, son; 7; born Lucknow, India
George Foulds, son; 3; born Monyash, Derbyshire
[RG14PN23850 RG78PN1379 RD464 SD3 ED22 SN278]

Annie E FOULDS died Q3 of 1950 (born c 1870) in Macclesfield Registration District
(GROS 10a 301)