Although Alderwasley is not part of Crich parish its history and peoples are so closely connected to it that it should not be ignored.

There are frequent references scattered throughout the site. The index below may help in navigating toward the significant pages.

Alderwasley church

Alderwasley WW1 Roll of Honour

Hurt Presentation Bible 1851

Hurt's Crich Stand of 1853

Hurt family of Alderwasley

Alice Hurt recipe book

Auction of the Hurst Estate in 1920

The Kenyon family of Alderwasley

Hurt stone seats

Alderwasley Park cricket team of 1910

Alderwasley Iron Works

There are many Alderwasley references in the newspaper snippets pages, in the Birth, Marriages and Burials records and in the various Directorories on the site.