Crich newspaper snippets from WW2

Crich Parish was host to evacuees from Southend.

Ripley and Heanor News and Ilkeston Division Free Press; 6 February 1942

Complaint of the “serious position” in which evacuees at Crich now found themselves as regards shoes and clothing was made by Mr F.J. Lynam, the parish representative, at a meeting of Belper Rural Council last Saturday.
“Their footwear is terrible,” he added. “If something is not done I shall retire as billeting officer for Crich. Most of them have colds because they come home with their feet wet.
“It is no good the foster parents to try to do their duty, because they get down every time. I feel most strongly about it.”
The chairman, Mr J.E. Creswell, said that schemes were being operated by the Southend authorities to care for evacuees from their area.

Mr F.J. Lynam the billeting officer for evacueees was later the subject of ill-informed gossip.

Derby Telegraph 27 April 1942
No Petrol “Pinched”
“I have never been a thief in my life and I’m not going to be made one now by anybody.”
So said Mr F.J. Lynam at Saturday’s meeting of Belper Rural Council referring to “rumours” he said he had heard to the effect that he had used Council petrol for unofficial purposes.
Mr. Lynam, who is billeting officer at Crich, said that recently he had been authorised to obtain petrol from Council supplies to transport an evacuee a few miles to Crich. It got about that he had been “pinching" the petrol
Mr J.H. Dix and other members confirmed that the petrol had been used legitimately and with the Council’s authority.