which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell


Parish Memories

Crich Memories: 1900–1925
Elsie Jones

Memories of Whatstandwell Station by William Glossop Memories of Whatstandwell Station by A. C. Phillips Memories of Agnes Hilda Shepherd (née Worthy) 1892-1986 Football poem 1936
Evacuation to Crich 1939 Crich childhood 1910–1925 Vera Julian Whatstandwell in 1972 Bradley clothing store 1915 Tony Lester memories
Parish Facts
School Regulation 1864 Whatstandwell Station staff 1859-1866 Trent bus time-table 1955 Place names: Hollins & Lickpenny Health notice for publicans1922
Trades people 1880 Friendly Societies Fritchley Trail Whatstandwell Trail  
Parish News & Events
School piano conflict 1902 Newspaper snippets Pacifist trouble WW1 Coronation 1953 Fire Station Anniversary 1990
Bits & Bobs
Household bills in early 1900s Adverts for Crich businesses Old fashioned remedies School Report 1949 Fire policy for Crich shop
Property sale 1859 Filming of Peak Practice Crich Chase Millstones Stiles and gates Great Matlock Will Case
Parish Phone boxes